Butterfly Glitz would like to thank…

Thank you firstly to friends and family who have been truly amazing and very supportive of this dream. Especially during the product testing stages, sourcing of suppliers,  getting it all up and running.
Its fair to say there have been a few hurdles along the way but to gain in this world you have to venture a little! So why not do so with the free spiritness of a butterfly and the sensational bright sparklyness of glitter! As well as the truly amazing love of those around you.


Thank you Cumbria Chamber of Commerce. We were completely unaware of  this organisation but have to say they didn’t batter an eyelid at the dream of turning of a hobby into a small business. They provided us with the knowledge of where to turn to, amazing contacts, funding which enabled us to attend a small business start up course, and  funded hours to allow for this website to be created. A very professional, helpful organisation with a caring attitude.


Thank you to G-Business Solutions. Phil was introduced through the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce to assist in creating this website. Well create he certainly did! Phil has been very patient, very supportive and very professional to say the least. A truly amazing, professional looking, informative, beautiful and easy to negotiate website we have. Every step of the way Phil adapted to our requests, got our vision, and took it all to a whole new level. Phil also greatly assisted with other small business requirements and his knowledge is very valuable. A genuine lovely chap who takes pride and enjoys what he does.


Thank you to Feather and Wild. A very dear friend and truly inspirational artist. On us struggling with capturing our vision into a logo design Victoria just sprinkled her wonderful heart felt magical touch! Our Butterfly being right was so important to us as it needed to capture beauty and elegance but at the same time fun and flamboyantness! Sparkle yet subtleness. Victoria captured this just absolutely perfectly with her sensational beautiful hand painted drawing of our unique Butterfly, the heart and sole of this dream. A very talented strong beautiful lady inside and out who I am proud to call a friend.


Thank you to EMIT photography. After struggling to capture enticing photo’s of our products ourselves, and then finding an affordable yet professional local photographer, we were very fortunate to come across Emma quite by chance. A glimpse of her photographs revealed oozes of quality and quirkiness to capture thee moment in time, as well as that gut feeling of this company being the one! Emma right from the beginning understood our products and our vision of the business, and she certainly did, in the most beautiful, elegant, breathtaking professional way. Truly amazing photographs to allow us to showcase our products effectively. A very adaptable, and a truly lovely young woman who will go far in her industry.


Thank you to Carol’s Bridal in Carlisle. The team here could not have been more kind and helpful. Such a supportive beautiful family business that allowed us to use their stunning bridal suite as the main location for our photo shoot to assist in showcasing our products. With lots of sensational choice, a beautiful immaculately clean and bright setting, and very caring professional staff… here was definitely the right choice. Carol‘s Bridal worked just wonderfully for us, allowing the photographs to have that edge of elegance.