Beautiful, elegant decorated glassware with glossy vinyl and glitter finish.

This range includes four glasses;

Champagne, 220ml, classy & smooth

(maybe also for wine, fruity juice or martini on the rocks)


Beer, dinky and marvellous 350ml

(maybe also for cider, spirit and mixer, juice or milk)


Latte, 250ml, suitable for hot or cold drinks

(maybe also for hot chocolate, fruity punch, hot toddies, mulled wine or milkshake treats)


Shot, 80ml, diamond cut and eye catching

(maybe also for whisky nip, sherry, or freshly squeezed health juice)


Vinyl included is either a name, title (e.g. brother) or age (maximum size of vinyl 3”x 1”). It also includes a simple heart if wished.

Wonderful metallic glitters have also been carefully selected to compliment the gloss vinyl. For the champagne flute the glitter will be on the lip and up the stem. For the other glasses it will be a rim around the bottom of them.

Satin ribbon has also been carefully chosen to match the gloss vinyl and metallic glitter. This can either be put at the top stem of the champagne flute, or used at the gather point of cellophane used to surround the glass.

Please choose from the following vinyl, glitter and ribbon colour samples

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